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Golden Pledge: A Presidential Partnership for Student Success

Former University of Iowa President Sally Mason developed a program that doubles the impact of endowed scholarship gifts. Newly hired University of Iowa President J. Bruce Harreld is continuing the Golden Pledge program which matches the payout from new, privately funded endowed undergraduate scholarships of $100,000 or more. Read more about the Golden Pledge program.


Endowed Scholarship Support for Iowa's Student-Athletes

  • Endowed scholarships are a crucial source of funding for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.
  • The UI Athletic Department is self-supporting and receives no state funding.
  • UI Athletics reimburses the University for each scholarship the NCAA allows the Hawkeyes to offer—in 2014-15, that cost was approximately $11.1 million, and those expenses rise each year both in terms of dollars spent and as a percentage of overall athletic expenses.

When scholarships are endowed by generous and loyal supporters, those reimbursements to the UI are covered, allowing the Athletics Department to direct annual gifts and other revenues toward other essential needs. Endowed scholarship gifts through the Hawkeye Visions Endowment Program have enabled Iowa's intercollegiate athletics programs to move forward even in the face of rapidly increasing expenses.

The UI is grateful for the visionary support of alumni and friends who have demonstrated their pride in the athletic and academic success of all Hawkeye student-athletes by establishing named, endowed scholarships, while also perpetually linking their name with the proud Iowa Hawkeye tradition.


The Power of an Endowment

Endowed funds provide stable, long-term financial support. Unlike athletics operations revenue (such as ticket or concession sales) or annual I-Club contributions, gifts to endowed funds are invested to protect the "purchasing power" so that over the long term the funds will fulfill the donors’ specified purposes. The amount made available to UI Athletics continues to accrue, providing crucial scholarship support for generations of Hawkeye student-athletes.

The goal of the Hawkeye Visions Endowment Program is to work with Iowa Hawkeye supporters to secure sufficient resources to endow each student-athlete scholarship in every sport.


How You Can Help

Your investment in the future of Hawkeye athletics can permanently endow a variety of student-athlete scholarships. Following are some examples of support levels within the Hawkeye Visions Endowment Program:

  • Visionary Level
    A gift of $400,000 or more provides a named, endowed scholarship for a specific team position (tuition and fees, room, and board). For example: the John and Jane Doe Football Running Back Scholarship.
  • Leadership Level
    A gift of $200,000-$399,999 provides a named, endowed scholarship for a specific sport (tuition and fees, room, and board). For example: the Doe Family Women's Basketball Scholarship.
  • Sustaining Tuition Level
    A gift of $50,000-$199,999 provides a named, endowed partial scholarship, but not for a specific sport or position. For example: the Jane and John Doe Athletics Scholarship.


Ways to Establish an Endowed Scholarship

You can make your gift to the Hawkeye Visions Endowment Program through a variety of means:

Please consider how you can support the Hawkeye Visions Endowment Program today. Your gift is an investment that will pay important dividends for future generations of student-athletes and the University they represent. For specific questions about the Hawkeye Visions program, please contact Sloane R. Tyler at sloane-tyler@uiowa.edu or 319-467-3410.

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